George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire
Book 2 A Clash of Kings

I used to be an avid reader. Now I hear books. I love letting the story fill my head from my mp3 player while I sit in traffic or clean house or sit in front of the fireplace and stare out the window. Call it my meditation.

So, I just finished listening to A Clash of Kings, Book 2 of A Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin. I stumbled upon the story because of the new HBO series Game of Thrones (which it turns out is pretty much the complete first book of said series…) ANYWAY! I fell in love with the story! Any writer that can spend that much time developing a character like Ned Stark and making you fall in love with who he is as a man and instill such a deep respect for him to then have that little shithead King Joffrey lop his head off right at the end?! Oh MY GOD!!! He’s a writer after my own heart!! Then I wasn’t sure if I liked Tyrian Lanister or not. He seemed to have some good things about him but then you wonder if it’s all an evil plot by a sick twisted little monkey! And Cercei and Jamie UGHHHH! Obviously I was hooked on the story line.

As soon as I finished watching the entire season online (in a matter of 2 days) I immediately downloaded the books! I was so happy that the HBO series stuck so closely to the book! Some of the great one liners landed in the show, koodos to the creators.

Ok back to the book and the SPOILERS. As I was saying, I just finished listening to book 2. Now while I have a great respect for the arts in many forms and for the amount of work it must take one person to read an entire book while portraying every single person in the story, this book was PAINFUL to listen to. Roy Dotrice is a talented man… However, all the men sounded either like drunkin pirates or swollen tongue simpleton. (No disrespect to drunkin pirates or swollen tongue simpletons) As much as I was sucked into the story of it all…. Where was Bran and his brother? Did Daenarys just seriously breastfeed a dragon!? Is Tyrian going to live long enough to kill that bitch sister of his? Will the hound rape or kill Sansa or will he help her get back to momma? Is That little bastard Joffrey going to lop her head off too!? I almost cried when Theon killed Bran and Rickon! What the hell did Jon Snow see and what happened to all the brothers that were with him before he ‘yielded’ to the wildlings? (Maybe I fell asleep and missed part of a chapter, It’s been known to happen) The only voice I think he nailed in the whole story was HODOR!! He even made Gendry sound like he might have eaten a mud pie or two with Hodor. Just not right!

Ok, my little rant is over. In the last few minutes, I downloaded Book 3 onto my mp3 player and took a quick listen, YEAH!!! It’s not Roy Dotrice reading!

Here’s a few thoughts before I dive back into the listening that makes my husband so crazy:
-I don’t think Theon Greyjoy is gone from the story, just because Osha saw his horse burned up the the remains of Winterfell doesn’t mean he’s dead! Robb or Arya has to kick his ass at some point. Or Jon Snow! YA! You can’t send out a message saying you killed two Stark children and then drop out of the story when the fire starts at Winterfell, assumed dead.
-It’s about time Arya got sick of waiting on the changing leaders at the haunted castle! What the hell took her so long? I thought for sure the guy without a nose was going to try to eat parts of her!
-Lannisters? Who the hell knows what craziness those people will come up with! Holy crap I thought my family was screwed up. ha ha
-I think there’s some inappropriate relationship building between Daenarys and Ser Jorah, She’s gotta have some dad issues after her childhood and I’m thinking he wouldn’t mind hooking up with a 14 year old chick tough enough to breast feed a fire breather!