I just wanted to finish the cliffhanger I started in my last post. Not that there are hundreds of you biting your fingernails in anticipation or anything. 

With very few text messages back and forth with my husband (and one from his son demanding I come home NOW!) I spent 2 additional days cruising up the coast of Washington. Took some stunning photos and had lots and lots of quiet time to think about my priorities, my needs and the current state of my life. Many times when I’m out driving to clear my head I’ll pound the music or disconnect and listen to books on my mp3 player. I couldn’t do it this trip.

After I got to Ruby Beach (on the 101 a few hours southwest of Forks) I was ready to come home. It was the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen! From my perspective, it personifies the Pacific Northwest. Breathtaking! Pictures do not do it justice and you know this when you are standing on the beach but you still click away! 


After a day or so at home we finally talked about it. He asked if I was ok and when I said no, I got the “over-reacting/selfish/you run from everyone” speech. When I started crying and explained how much he had hurt my feelings he actually sat there listening, holding me and then apologized.

After 3 and 1/2 days, $300 and 800+ miles, I got “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize I hurt you.”