I like to go places alone… Not because I prefer my company to others, I just like to eves-drop on other people’s lives and doing that while you are sitting in a restaurant with someone across from you is, well it’s kind of rude.

Yesterday I was in a neighboring town running some errands.  I stopped for a quick lunch at, Albertos. A little hole in the wall Mexican place in a strip mall, with fantastic salsa and superb service. There were about 5 other tables occupied. One in particular held 2 ladies (I use this term loosely) and a little boy of about 8. I think his name might have been NOW. At least that’s what his mother kept saying at the end of every sentence she jabbed him with. “Get off the floor NOW! Decide what you want to eat NOW! Finish all your food NOW! Shut UP! NOW!”

During the course of my reasonably fast meal, I was subjected to, not only the constant verbal abuse and criticism of this woman’s son, but varying conversations loud enough for the entire establishment to hear every word, including the likes of;
-The bitch at the bank who looked down her nose when she insisted getting manager approval to cash a check. The check, according to the conversation, had been given as payment to atrocity number one when “so-and-so” came to pick up his weekly bag of weed. “Such a pain in the ass when they don’t even have enough respect to pay cash!”

-How little atrocity number two’s public assistance allotment is for groceries when :insert random name here: is getting almost double that. “Such bullshit!”

-A very long story of (one of) atrocity number one’s man friend’s promise to give her money to paint her apartment. Apparently when said promise was made, she went out and spent all the money she had knowing his money was coming. Then he had the audacity to back out of the promise and still expect sex from her. {{shudder}} “If he thinks I’m still gunna let him hit this when he backs out on a promise and left me broke, sheeeeit.” and oh yes the neck/shoulder rotate was in full tilt.

-Complaints about the iPhone given to atrocity number two by her mother as a gift, including slamming it against the table to illustrate what a pile of junk it really is. “She’s gonna have to buy me a new one, there’s no way she paid $500 for this shit.”

Ok here comes the rant:

First of all I wanted to take that little boy outside and give him a hug and tell him that none of his mom’s anger was his fault and if he studied really really hard in school and always tried his hardest to do the right thing no matter what, then he wouldn’t have to turn out like his mother or any of the men she brings around. Then buy him a huge ice cream.

The sense of entitlement and downright ignorance of these two has been bothering me for more than 24 hours. I’ve been hungry before. I’ve been homeless before, albeit for a short time. I’ve used men for money before (KIDDING!!). I’ve wondered where the money for rent was going to come from and had to choose between buying food and paying the light bill. I’ve worked 3 jobs just to live month to month, barely getting by. I’ve gone to the flea market with just enough money to get in, carrying a broken toaster in the hopes to trade up and negotiate so I could get my step daughter a birthday present. I’ve been there but NEVER have I felt like I “deserved” any type of public assistance or hand outs from people around me. GET A JOB!!! Deliver flyers door to door, that way the little guy can come with you and he can expend some of that energy while your fat ass does something productive. Maybe instead of playing “Words with Friends” on that brand new $500 phone you leached from your parents, you could have used that money combined with what they pay for it’s service plan, to take some classes and better yourself and the life of your child you wouldn’t feel so entitled, you scum sucking, free rider.  Contribute SOMETHING!