Isn’t rain supposed to be one of those things that makes you want to get horizontal? You know.. Curl up on the couch beside a roaring fire and read a book or watch your favorite movie?

It’s raining today, still warm enough for the windows to be open, well cracked anyway, and I’m inspired to completely re-arrange my kitchen! Someone please get ready to dial 911, something must be wrong with me! Or something is right again.? See I’ve been in a bit of a struggle, personally, professionally etc etc. Having been a business owner and shutting down/liquidating everything; due to the economic crunch that crippled my business AND to be closer to that absolutely adorable Canadian guy I met in the San Francisco airport. I’m just now getting back into the professional world. Well, I’m trying anyway!  I’ve spent an average of 7 hours a day for the last 3.5 weeks, searching job posting websites, revising cover letters and emailing resumes, usually in my pajamas. I’ve gotten ONE call! They offered me the job only to decide during the same conversation that I’m not eligible to work there because of my immigration status. (More about that headache challenge another time.) So I’ve found I’m in a slump… rut? funk? ohh Hell I’m depressed. Maybe, just maybe my inspiration to clean tear apart my kitchen is a sign that my personal fog is lifting!

Back to the inspiration: Now I love living in a clean and organized house. My husband on the other hand just wasn’t built that way. He is of the breed that uses an item and sets it down right there only spend anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour searching for it next time he needs to use it.

Case in point; he occasionally uses my car to drive his son to school. (I’ve copied my car key and put it on his key ring  for his use, but he’s lost and replaced his car keys at least three times since then.) There is a long flagstone table in the entryway of our home, this is the only entrance used so it makes sense to drop car keys in the bowl on the table right when you walk in the door, no? ohh no! My little ray of sunshine will carry the keys to wherever in the house he is headed first and drop them there. In the mad panic to locate my keys when they are needed again, I’ve found them: in the refrigerator, in the windowsill in the bathroom, on the shelf in the cold storage room in the basement next to the canned pickles, you get the idea. Never a dull moment trying to get out of the house on time when I wasn’t the last person to drive my car. I’ve often daydreamed, with a smile on my face, of rigging my keys up to one of those invisible dog fences so that if they are carried into the house passed the foyer, they give a shock to the carrier. :insert evil laugh:

All that being said, if I don’t follow him around 24/7 putting things away as he uses them, our house very quickly becomes a cluttered mess. I considered taking a before picture of the kitchen to post here… NAH!!! I quote of my favorite bloggers, K8edid when I say, my kitchen is somewhere between obsessively spotless and about to be shut down by the health department. I’ll leave the before to your imagination. Perhaps I’ll post the after picture. Here’s my main strategy, Less is More. See I like to have things neat but within arms reach and there is no shortage of counter space so I have all my cookbooks neatly arranged in the corner, lots of decorative jars of pasta and sugars etc. NO MORE!! Everything is going into a cupboard! I figure if there is nothing sitting on the counter top, the love of my life will think twice about using five different spoons in one morning to stir his coffee, leaving them all on the counter near the coffee pot. (Seriously, who does this!?)

I’ve tried nagging, I’ve tried happily reminding, I’ve tried teasing, I’ve tried shaming, I’ve tried throwing… wait, that was one of those daydreams I mentioned.  My heart of hearts just chuckles at me and sings or whistles something like, “The old gray mare” or “Evil woman”. Meanwhile I’ve got the wicked Witch of the West cackling in my head… “I’ll get you, my pretty!”