In yesterday’s post I talked about organizing my kitchen. I DID IT!! I’m so happy with it! I’d love to do the same treatment in the rest of my house but then sadly I would have to move the hubby and son to the garage, I’m not sure they would appreciate that.

I cleared all the counter tops, stashing everything that is not used everyday, (unfortunately my glass pasta containers are too tall to fit in my cupboards but I did find a new home for them that is out-of-the-way but still practical), bleached the floor, washed the rug, scrubbed all the cupboard doors/stove parts with degreaser (not that they were covered in grease but I get that light film on things that are near the stove), slid the refrigerator down the wall about 2 feet, and moved the recycle center and trash can to new locations.

Now I’m kicking myself for not taking any before pictures! There is such a stark contrast.

Sorry for the light quality

When my son got home from school he said, “It’s so much bigger in here!” Mr. Grumpy Pants mumbled something to the effect of “Oh, look at this.” when he walked in the door (walking through the foyer, living room and kitchen to leave his keys in the middle of the dining room table). Allow me to explain briefly why this was not considered a compliment. “Look at this” is something my heart and soul says about 300 times a day; when a squirrel runs by, when he gets an email, when we pass a billboard, when something is happening that he is looking at but doesn’t necessarily want you to look at or comment on. Most of the time when he says this I ask what I am supposed to be looking at and I get a look that suggests I’ve interrupted the conversation he’s having with himself. I do have to say he successfully redeemed himself when he told me over dinner that it looks like a completely different house.

If this house were not a rental, I would paint the cupboards white and rip that 70’s tile out of there in a heartbeat (plus knock down a few walls and replace the carpet with wood floors). Oh and upgrade the built-in microwave that apparently came as a package deal with the tiles in 1970 something. My kitchen faces east and has a view of the backyard, about 15 feet from my kitchen window it is dense forest. It’s gorgeous and very very dark. I believe I’ve done as much as I can to brighten up the area.

I’m so successfully back in my own excited, creative, spinning brain self that I took some rope that I had got eons ago at Big Lots and used this to turn it into a wash cloth basket for the main bathroom (while sitting in the car waiting for my son at Kumon). So cute! The rope I used is nylon instead of cotton and thinner than the tutorial shows but I’m very happy with the results. This has inspired me to redecorate my bathroom, it’s desperately lacking personality! Last night I found this: stay tuned on this one!