So I didn’t get the Transition House Worker position, in fact, I never heard from them.  Onwards and upwards so they say.

I got a call during the last week of September for an admin position.  They called me back 2 days after the interview, “Can you start Monday?”. WOO HOO I finally have a job!!  A bit of a fiasco getting a Social Insurance Number.. I find it odd that I am required to have a Social Insurance Number to have a job however I am not entitled to “Social Insurance” for at least another year, at which point I’m pretty sure I have to exchange my “temporary” number for a permanent one. Anyway, all the ridiculous details wrapped up, I’m working!

A few bumps in the road: getting up at 6:30 am is not my favorite part of the transition.  Being trained by a very Gordon Ramsey-esk woman is also not my favorite part. The lingering financial panic moments waiting for the consistent paycheck is the hardest part. Butting heads with my heart of hearts about money is draining some of the life out of our marriage. I know it’s temporary but it’s still troubling. Learning something new is definitely a bonus, the possibility of a management position opening up fairly quickly – bonus! Great people in a small office environment – bonus!