It’s been an emotional week.


I found myself crying in more than one bathroom throughout the week. I can only blame some of that on the fact that I’m menopausal and PMSing.  I’m realizing that my heart and my head are in two very different places when it comes to R and what WAS my relationship. I know that leaving was in my own best interest and the relationship was absolutely over, but dammit I love him. I came here because he loved me in a way that I had never experienced before and it died. What we had for a short time was incredible. I gave all of me to that relationship and to have it go unappreciated and unwanted hurts. I’m sad.

Sad and mentally moving on, eventually my heart will catch up.

I also met tall, dark and handsome. Ok, handsome might be pushing it a little but he’s definitely cute.  He runs his family business, owns his house, has a few nice cars, he’s a 1/2 time dad to two little girls and takes impeccable care of his house. He’s a busy guy with his business and his girls. Honestly, I have no interest in being in any kind of emotional relationship but we’ve been getting together once a week or so to uh… meet each other’s needs (Like wild animals, ha). He’s affectionate and sweet without being clingy or demanding and it’s suiting me perfectly right now.