Dreamy Mr. Blue Eyes took me, this morning, to a church he used to go to, a “spiritualist” church. Mind you, I grew up in a Pentecostal small town church (three grueling days a week, twice on Sundays) so when someone says “Come to church with me.” I have a specific idea of what that experience will be like though I do realize, not all churches are nearly as interesting as the Pentecostal experience.

snakes in church

I’ve attended various Christian churches, many Non-denominational First United Church of Blah blah blah in various cities around North America and I’ve even been to a few Catholic churches, only when the event I was attending was held in such a church. I’ve also experienced what I thought was a spiritualist church. Looks like a church, smells like a church, feels like a church (the collection plate still goes around)  but they don’t talk about God, at all. Anyway, I’m not here to get into a religious debate. To each his own, don’t force yours upon me and I won’t force mine upon you and we’ll all get along just fine. My relationship with God is personal and my business and yours is yours. If I’ve already offended you, by all means please move along to the next blog. 

Dont suck at your religion

OK Back on track to this morning! *whew* So we arrive in front of a very small, cute community church. Lots of shaking hands and happy smiles going in, creaky floors, old-looking rafters, hard benches, golden praying hands, hymn books on the back of the pews, crosses in the leaded glass windows behind the podium. This is where the familiarity ends. It was very open, engaging, funny at times and held my absolute undivided attention. Today’s speaker is a medium, as in “I see dead people”.  I absolutely believe in the afterlife and spirits and people who have the ability to see and hear things that others can’t. Totally real if you ask me. I’ve just never met anyone that could do it! COOL! 

During her presentation, she talked about meditation and grounding and the importance of doing both daily. She talked about wellness and taking care of your body as well as nurturing your spiritual gifts, whatever they look like. She talked about God in the same sentence as Higher Good and there were no hard fast rules set out, no 10 Commandments or you’re going to hell or say 15 Hail Mary’s and you’ll be forgiven. In fact, at the beginning she actually said something to the effect of – ‘There are things that will be presented on this platform during any service that will resonate with you, there are others that will not. Take in the things that resonate with you and your higher good and leave the things that do not as someone else’s message.’ Anyway, I believe I’ll be going back there. I’d like to see the church and hear and feel some presentations during a normal church day there, not when the place is packed because the speaker is a medium. 

After her presentation, she offered messages for anyone who wanted to stay and watch. Uhh, YA I wanna watch! Ghost-002

She did 3 messages: One was a woman’s father, another was a cranky grandfather and the other was someone’s mom.  No one I know popped their head in from the afterlife.  Do you have any experience with alternative or spiritualist churches?  Any experience with mediums or mediumship?