I’m in the midst of the longest layover in history. OK, that’s an exaggeration.  Five hours at ‘Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’. People watching is my absolute favorite thing to do.

There are so many Facebook memes about the age of the cell phones and people being in their own world with their heads bowed in a room full of people, furiously swiping and typing. Here I sit at a crowded bar table of 50+ somethings blogging…  but in the silence of selfies and foodie posts and swipes and thumb typing: dads still make goofy faces at their kids, moms still rock babies and scratch backs and wipes faces, strangers still share life stories and avoid eye contact, cougars still prowl, glasses still clink and wait staff still run their asses off.

Cheers to the strangers that meet and to the long time partners or friends or strangers that sit narrowly avoiding touching shoulders or elbows and never even look up to see who they are sitting with. Cheers to the strangers that offer to share their food with a smile but never say another word.