My online journal more than anything else – See my brains flayed open for all.


I am a 30 something. Wait, 40 something, third time’s a charm ex-wife, determined to be a great girlfriend, biological mother to one adult child, self titled surrogate mother to many others and professional living in Burnaby, British Columbia.  I’m sarcastic to a fault, I can be anal retentive and a bit high strung. I love to laugh, I love to build things and create something out of nothing.  I wish I were more artistic, smarter, funnier and skinnier…  I’m not, so here I am. As is, no warranty. Take it or leave it.  When I’m writing, the jerk that sits on my shoulder and constantly tells me I’m not good enough, have poor vocabulary and bad grammar is oddly quiet. Not silent, never silent, just quiet.  In these moments while I enjoy the quiet, please enjoy my blog.


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